Arizona Blvd Pipeline

Camp Roberts, CA

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This project replaced the existing point of entry switch building; multi-mode fiber communication lines and switches; and the existing 6” steel gas main along Arizona Blvd. at Camp Roberts, California. 

We used the same trench for the fiber communications and the gas main creating a clean utilities corridor while reducing costs in terms of dollars spent and energy consumed for construction.

We constructed a 9500 linear foot trench measuring 2 to 3  ft wide by 4 ft deep. We installed approximately 4500 linear feet of 6” MDPE gas line with sand bedding in the trench and connected to existing gas branch mains. We pressure tested the system. We also installed approximately 24,000 linear feet of 4” communications conduit in the trench and later pulled 4500 linear feet of 288 count single mode fiber optic cable through the conduit. We also backfilled the trench and compacted  to 90%+. We also replaced all street and sidewalk crossings along the length of Arizona Boulevard that had been disturbed due to the project.

The technical aspects of this project include trenching, underground utilities, fiber optics cabling and terminations. An important aspect of all of this is ensuring safety on the jobsite for all of our employees, subcontractors, suppliers and visitors to the site.

With construction projects taking place at multiple job sites and with simultaneously working trades, the risk of an accident occurring increases. The safety of our employees and the public is of the utmost concern to us. To this end we ensure that all of our management personnel and employees are trained continually in the latest safety practices and procedures to meet OSHA, Cal-OSHA and the Corps of Engineers EM 385-1-1 standards as well as our own company policies. We use those regulations and go by the most stringent standard when performing our work and supervising others. The quality of our employees and enforcement of our safety policies are why we have had no job site accidents in our seven year history.

Our team for this and every project includes a mixture of our office support staff and project staff on site. Our on-site team for this pipeline project consisted of Ray Hasch, Bill Simpson and Rory Vizard. Ray served as the Project Manager and Quality Control Manager while Bill served as the Site Safety & Health Officer. Rory Vizard served as an alternate Site Safety & Health Officer. Todd Broussard served as an alternate for the Quality Control Manager and Site Safety & Health Officer during this contract. Ray also served as project scheduler.

The office staff consists of our Operations Administrator, Danita Seyer; Controller and Contract Coordinator, Charissa Kier; and Office Clerk, Chelsie Meyers. Danita also performs scheduling, overall safety management for the company, submittals preparation, and she writes the Quality Control and Safety plans for the projects. Danita has about eight years of experience in construction and in performing those duties. Charissa administers all subcontracts, prepares and manages the certified payroll process, and performs all accounting duties to include billings to the client and payment to the suppliers and subcontractors. She has more than 12 years of experience in construction. Chelsie is the office clerk. She provides all support for certified payrolls and submittals as required. She has been working for Red Mountain for two years as an office clerk.

It includes underground utility work as well as trenching, concrete and asphalt repair. This project also is located at Camp Roberts and required working with the Post facilities management to ensure continued access of the roadways by Post personnel which meant we had to plan for and implement traffic control measures to ensure everyone’s safety during the project.